[Journal] An Open Letter for RJ

Dear RJ,

Happy Birthday!

I wish for your happiness and all the best for you! Be the happiest birthday girl! I hope you can achieve whatever you’ve dreamed.

Do you remember the first time we talked to each other via Facebook? I used to call you, RJ. lmao. But now I’ll call you just Ransi, it sounds prettier just like you.

Hi, my long-lost friend. How are you? I was laughing out loud when you called me as your long-lost friend. I’m so happy after years, we finally can talk, hear each others’ voices, which we’ve never done before.

I miss you! I do really miss you. I miss our old times on Facebook, talking about Kpop and so on. Thanks to Kpop especially Kim Heechul that made us meet each other, ah to be honest we don’t see each other, but we chatted just like two persons met in persons lmao.

Thanks for finding me via instagram. I’m really surprised when you sent me DM. Then you decided to call me via WhatsApp. It was the first time we talked and we were so nervous! I found it cute, like really.

And some days ago, I was so nervous to talk with your parents and your friend. It’s pleasure to talk with them. I’m so honored like really.

I hope one day we can meet in person, hang out, talking about random things and etc. Do you know I’ve imagined that before, that made me dreamed of you?

Yes! I dreamed of you. In my dream, I was in Sri Lanka to meet you and your family. It felt so real. I was holding your hand and we went to somewhere together, along with your family. It felt so real even we’ve never met in persons. I can imagine how lovely you are in my dream, how funny Druvi is and how happy I was there.

Now, we’re growing old. I feel like we’re growing together eventho we’re not in the same land. But knowing you’re still being my friend till today, it made me realize we’re growing old together.

Thanks for being my friends till today. Keep giving me advices so I can keep being healthy lmao. Thanks for reaching and found me.

Maybe we can’t meet in persons today. It’s just about time and I hope we can meet in persons in the future. I have nothing to give but I hope you can pursue your dreams. I wish your happiness, your success and your careers. I hope our friendship will be last-long and long last.

Lmao, this idea came out after we talked last night. You know that I love you, and always be like that.




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